Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tuesday 4 August Watercolour Class

Today the class was just about full. Everyone was busy painting a variety of scenes.
Brian continued his rose which is coming along well., Ruth, Sheila and Julia were doing bridges although in very different climates. Julia tackled a Mediterranean scene, Sheila did a canal in autumn and Ruth a river in winter.

 This is Sheila's canal scene. She has used lovely warm autumn colours against a moody purple-grey sky. The strong foreground trees help guide the eye into the misty distance seen through the bridge giving it a wonderful depth. I am looking forward to seeing this completed.
This is Ruth's painting. Again a canal scene but  in winter. The cool greys and purples give a sense of the cold. Ruth has used just three colours in this painting. She has some trees to add in the foreground and the reflections to do on the water but already it could be this year's Christmas card!
This is Julia's bridge painting set in the Med. A deep blue sky contrasts with the pale, sunlight buildings. Still lots to do but coming on  nicely.

Jess joined us for the first time today and did this night sky scene. The pale light coming through the clouds give the painting an ethereal atmosphere. The darker foreground gives you the sense of standing on a hill and looking over the lake. Lovely wet-in-wet technique in the sky contrasts with the hard-edge lines of the mountains.

Today Daniel came to the class and completed his unusual painting of  painted watercolour figures pulling water canisters over the snow in a pencil-sketch setting. Daniel said one of his former tutors has seen this picture and has said they would like it. Well done Daniel!

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