Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Today's paintings Tuesday 28 July 2015

A fabulous morning at Justine's Art Studio with some great artwork being produced.
Here are some of the results.

This is Julia's painting of the quayside. I love the colours used. The limited palette really lends itself to the moodiness of evening light and deep shadows. A great composition; the light-paved area leading your eye right into the busy harbour where all the boats are moored. The simple light coloured building on right is a perfect foil to the boats. 


This is Ruth's painting. A very strong composition with the grasses leading the eye into the picture to the silhouetted castle.  The sandy areas are just the right colour, Don't you wish you could walk along that shore and feel the sand between your toes? The dark patch of sea on the horizon looks good as does the hazy sun just peeping through the cloud.

Here is Roma's French street scene. 
Roma has done the outline in pen and then washed watercolour over the top. The photo on the left does not do justice to the lovely warm glow of sunlight on the buildings. The purple shadows are a great contrast to the yellow ochre and I really like the splash of orange of the canopy over the main entrance. The simple foreground just sets the scene. You could almost take a gentle stroll down the road and maybe stop for a sit down and enjoy a coffee sitting in the warm sunlight

This painting was done by Brian. Brian has just joined the class and this is his first painting with us.  Brian chose to paint in acrylic as he has already used it before.  I like the background very much and he has made it interesting without it becoming too strong and over-powering the main subject. He has carried though some of the main colour into the background which pulls the whole thing together. He has a very good eye for form and tonal values. I imagine that if I touch the rose petals they will be velvety soft.

Today we welcomed new starter Shirley to the group. Shirley is painting a canal scene. Come back next week to see how it is coming along. 

Well done everyone, hope you enjoyed the class as much as I did.  Karen

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